Providence, Part One

We can make our plans,      but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 (NLT) This is a God post. I haven’t written one of these in a while. But there will be no preaching. Only testimonies of how God’s Providence has been made real to me throughout my journey. Time after time I’ve seen […]

Crunch Time

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. My schedule for the next three weeks is ridiculous. Rehearsals, practice, and party planning. Blood tests and consultations. Three weeks from now, two major events long in the works will be behind us. I’ll have had my next PSA test, and know if the experiment was a success. I’ll […]

Episode 2

Yesterday was two days in one. It started well, but ended very badly. As a result, I’m stuck in bed today when I should be getting things done. I have to take a recovery day when I had no reason to believe I’d need one. That’s what happens with this disease. You think you’re doing […]

Questions For My Inner Circle

I asked a friend last week how she was doing. She answered that she was fine, and mentioned some things that were going on in her life. Then I asked how she was doing with “my story.” A look of utter sorrow darkened her face, and her voice trailed off. I let it go at […]


It’s time I talked about this concept of “fighting.” A term that’s used so often in reference to cancer. I hear it used all the time, not just by people in general, but by the patients themselves, and their loved ones. I understand what is meant by this term, but I can’t say I agree […]