Explaining Myself… Again

I’m happy to report that the negative reaction I was expecting from my last post never happened. I only received one comment that I’d consider negative. The rest was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, after three days, The Suggestion Box is now my all-time most viewed post. Apparently many people could relate to what I wrote. […]

The Suggestion Box

I need to warn you. This is a hard post. You may not like it at all. You may be offended by it. But I have to say it. I hope you understand, and I hope I don’t lose too many of you with this post. But this is how I feel. First of all, […]

Always On My Mind

Not the song by Willie Nelson, though it is a great song. It’s something else that’s always on my mind. I think you know what that is. A friend asked me recently if there’s ever a day that I don’t think about cancer, and jokingly said that could be a blog post. Well, here’s the […]


I was talking with a couple of friends this past week who were upset about the turn my cancer has taken, and both of them said that they thought it wasn’t fair that I had cancer. Especially this deadly kind. I have to agree with them. It’s not fair at all. It’s not fair that […]

One More Month In The Waiting Room

I was apprehensive before my appointment with my oncologist today. My PSA number has risen a bit, from .06 to .35, and I wanted to know what he thought it meant, of course. It turned out that my guesses yesterday were correct. He wants to wait and see. He called today’s PSA score “one data […]