The Road To Zero

I continue to struggle to keep my weight up. That last six month Lupron shot really did a number on me. The above picture was my actual weight this morning. Sorry you had to see my deformed toes. I had the same problem a year ago, and probably for the same reason. Some prostate cancer […]

More Good News

I have more good news to report. I wasn’t expecting to get my PSA result so soon, but it came in this morning. My PSA, which was already low, at .16, is now even lower. It’s .06. It’s not quite what they would call undetectable, though I was really hoping that would be the title […]

A Perfect Storm

My visit with my oncologist went as well as could be expected today. His answers to my questions allayed most of my fears. And I got to see my favorite nurse and my nutritionist! But I’ll start from the beginning. It’s a very good place to start, or so I’ve heard. Sorry for that ear […]

A Scary Episode

I’m exhausted and very shaky today. Not only, or even mainly because I had a five hour rehearsal with the kids yesterday and a show this afternoon. It’s because of something that happened during the night last night. I had some kind of “spell” or “episode,” and I feel like it’s weakened me significantly. I […]

The Sound Of The Surf

  It was an amazing week in Sayulita, Mexico with our dear friends Paul and Denise. It was our first trip to a tropical location like this in twelve years. Everything about it was wonderful, but I had forgotten how much one simple aspect of it would affect me; the sound of the surf. We […]